Harry J. Hardy (left) Rick Tunstall (right) Burnaby, 2003.

Harry J. Hardy DFC CD

H.J. Hardy is a decorated W.W. II. fighter pilot who survived 96 combat sorties in a Typhoon fighter bomber.

A ICS Mechanical Engineer, who worked the last 32 years of his career for MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. (with 17 years of those 32 as an engineering supervisor)

Harry is a renowned aviculturist and a member of the "Federation Avicultural Hall of Fame." His self operated "Southview Aviaries" has bred a number of endangered pheasants, and continues to hatch pheasants, ducks, and doves.

Harry is also a TETRA Society of North America Volunteer, who has designed and built over 150 mechanical devices to improve the quality of life of the physically handicapped.