mo•men•tum (full short film - 25Mb)

A series of daydreams connect pedestrians
at a crowded intersection…

Directed by Rick Tunstall
& Craig G.D. Marsh
D.O.P. & Camera • Hans R.W. Goksøyr

  • 10 min. short, 16mm
  • Screened at Montreal World Fest 2002

A perfect match (full short film - 35Mb)

Follows the life of a matchpack through an evening
of pumpkins, pyros, and pursuit...

written & directed, and edited by Rick Tunstall,
D.O.P. & Camera • Hans R.W. Goksøyr

Music and Sound design • Mike Konkin & Alexander Mateesc

15 min. short, MiniDv
©2003 NightlitePictures

Drifting (film link)

Drifting through levels of consciousness...

Written, directed and edited by
Hans R.W. Goksøyr
D.O.P • Rick Tunstall

  • 8 min. short, MiniDv
    ©2003 goksøyr production

German Lessons

Bernhard Schulze guides his granddaughter Christine through Germany, where they revisit his experiences as a teenaged soldier in the final days of World War II

Director/Producer/Editor • Liz Schulze
Composer • Graham Porter

24 min. short documentary • MiniDv
©2003 Prospect Lake Productions



Written by Samantha Fletcher,
directed by Randall Thomas,
D.O.P. & Camera • Rick Tunstall

  • 10 minute short, 16mm
  • Screened at Montreal World Fest 2003
  • ©2003 Away from Awake Productions