Genus is a Vancouver based Theatre Company which brings to the stage a combination of live and pre-recorded comedic sketches.

Each show, a group of filmmakers are invited aboard to combine talents and add to a growing list of genus shorts. Click on links below to view recent sketches in Quicktime format...

Biology p1, May/2005 - Ten years later (10 mb)
Gym p2 - Ten years later (13.7 mb)
Calculus p3 - Ten years later (8.11 mb)
Big Bully - City at Night (14.5 mb)
Meet the Neighbors - City at Night (7. 9 mb)
Mother knows best (7.0 mb)
Richard Peterman - Grad 93 (12 mb)
Umbrellaman (6.2 mb)
P.D.A. Police (12.9 mb)
Cougar Hunting (11.4 mb)
Electric Circus Vancouver (12.9 mb)
Genus Credits "City at Night" (9.6 mb)